4 Complexion-Clearing Tricks for Sensitive Skin



Meet pūr~lisse founder Jennifer Yen. (Photo: Peter Cervieri)

Last week on a blissfully sunny trip to L.A., I had the chance to catch up with skincare expert and pūr~lisse founder Jennifer Yen. In her former life as an actress (she played an evil sorceress on Power Rangers in its first season), Yen wore extradramatic heavy makeup on a daily basis—which stressed out her sensitive skin, in turn causing acne, hives, and rosacea. To help combat these skincare woes, Yen created pūr~lisse—an entire line of sensitive skin-friendly products that rely on two soothing, healing traditional Chinese ingredients: blue lotus and white tea.

After spending an afternoon with Yen and her seriously luminous skin, I knew I had to find out everything that she uses in her personal regimen. So without further ado, here are the top four tricks that she follows to keep her sensitive skin clear and glowing:

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